OTTO is a multi-disciplinary design practice that collaborates with a wide portfolio of international clients through a range of projects from interior design to furniture and accessory design, including graphics, style and creative direction. The teams dedicated to interior design projects and the development of product and graphic design projects feed a continuous creative contamination, the key to achieve the global vision of the project. From the architectural to the product design scale, up to the details of styling and decoration.


Architect, interior designer, product designer and art director, Paola Navone’s approach is direct, visionary and eclectic with a passion for the flavours and colours of the much-loved and much-travelled southern hemisphere, alongside tastes and styles from the western world with its wealth of tradition, open mindedness and creative energy. All of which has meant a boundless curiosity, seeking out materials, forms and structures, from the present, past and future.



Since childhood she drew plans of imaginary houses and was painting on her clothes. Growing up, her interests fluctuated between fashion and design, fascinated at the same time from art, photography, antiques and contemporary jewelry. Serial accumulator of things and objects found around the world, she loves to travel as a backpack with the compass turned to the East, towards Asia, in constant search. She imagines sets for interiors and ephemeral settings, designs objects and accessories for the home and designs surfaces, fabrics and patterns.


He grew up with music on the table, has an incredible collection of electric guitars, goes on tour in Italy and overseas with his band, investigating pop, electronic, heavy metal and expressions of sub culture. By profession, however, he is a designer and follows the development of products, from concept to prototyping, to the final version. Without forgetting the artisan and artistic matrix of his training works and the subversive value of Memphis and radical architecture, great references of him.


An incurable traveler, he moves with lightness and curiosity from east to west, from north to south guided by his instinct to discover new areas of inspiration for his work. He designs interiors, temporary installations, objects and fabrics, as well as dealing with creative direction. He loves to design fashion, including his clothes. And he paints. Born in Trieste, not surprisingly with a view of the Molo Audace, he lived in London and New York, to land in Milan. He defines himself as an urban animal, despite the fact that he has chosen Syros, in the Cyclades, as a place of choice.

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